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Unlock sophisticated features, access updated statistics, and do more.
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A one-stop-shop display of insights, summaries, and priorities with a custom dashboard.

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An advanced tool to engage with users, gain control, automate efficiency, and act instantaneously.

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Achieve greater efficiency with accurate, resourceful, and competitive insights & reports.

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Use a super easy, smart, and collaborative workspace to automate your process and save money.

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Be more productive and connected with best-in-class alerts, reminders, and controls from RealSoft.

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Integrate with all your favourite tools and apps seamlessly to innovate and automate your processes.

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Customize and build better workflows with R3

R3 is a cloud-based Saas model that you can customize to any extent for precise control, automation, and efficiency

*Additional charges are applicable for customization and professional services.

Popular questions

Here is an FAQ list to help you find immediate answers for your common questions.

1. How Can I Improve My Business Using ERP?

RealSoft helps you create intelligent workflows, schedule processes, and improve the productivity, efficiency, and performance of the business.

2. What technology is used in the RealSoft ERP?

R3 is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like AI, BI, Machine Learning, Automation, BI Reporting, BPM, CRM, etc., to improve operational efficiency.

3. What Are the Modules of RealSoft ERP?

R3 is a SaaS model that offers modules on subscription basis. Sales, manufacturing, finance & accounts, inventory, purchase, distribution, etc., are some of the modules.

4. What Does Our Business Need to Prepare When We Implement ERP?

A business needs to identify its problems, define its objectives and vision, outline the processes, and prepare the team for change management.

5. How Can I Migrate Our Old or Historical Data?

Gather your internal ERP team to prepare the master data and documentation as per the established ERP outline. Now, all you need to do is to import and test the data for accuracy.

6. How Can We Simply Integrate With Our Front-End or Any Third-Party Software?

R3 enables effortless integration with third-party apps, technologies, web services, etc,. Simply add the credentials, define workflows, configure, connect, and run.

7. Can additional functionality be added and/or can existing functionality be customized to a businesses’ specific requirements?

RealSoft is a subscription-based application that allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe to any modules any time. As a SaaS model, you may integrate R3 with other applications and add or delete modules of your choice.

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