Construction Software Dubai

Our Construction ERP is a practical and sensible ERP software that helps a company to estimate and calculate properly, control multilevel cost centers, and manage site activities cost-effectively. RealSoft construction ERP software UAE has advanced tools and technologies that can define realistic workflows to administer labor, material & resources, and project handling. The integrated technologies like Machine Learning, AI, BI, BPM, APIs, RealSoft Algorithm, Automation Technologies, Powerful Server and Architecture.
The functional features in construction estimation software are way more advanced and powered by Artificial Intelligence. Multilevel reporting and extendable application capabilities make our construction management software unique and flexible. The administration of construction erp software Dubai gets a detailed report and analysis of billing, completed deliveries, pricing strategies, segment-wise expenses, materials used, payment information, purchase requirements, and full contract information in one click.

Construction ERP Modules

  • Finance & Accounts
  • HR & Payroll
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM
  • Project Handling
  • Inventory & Stores
  • Supplier / Vendor Regulation
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Estimation & Expense Regulation

Construction ERP Software UAE empowers a company right from lead utilization through contract execution, completion, till delivery. Construction Software Dubai has inbuilt tools to generate a precise Bill of Materials (BOM) and the Bill of Quantity (BOQ). Construction scheduling software UAE will help the engineer estimate correctly and complete jobs within the allocated budget. The construction ERP Dubai provides a smart work breakdown structure (WBS) that allows the company authorities to understand and review the budget and actual expenses incurred during each stage of the job.

Features of Construction ERP

The site engineers can use the mobile application to communicate with the managers and get instant approvals for overtime, manpower allocation, purchase, material handling requests, delivery, etc. Construction ERP Dubai can submit or request relevant documents and certificates through mobile app development. The construction management software Dubai will let the company analyze several reports for improving productivity and also assesses the profit & loss reports and lets the company take necessary actions in future projects.

  • Mobile App for Site Supervision
  • Automated Notifications & Alerts
  • Inbuilt Document Handling System
  • Integrated Inventory Module
  • Timesheet & Job-card Coordination
  • Inbuilt Supplier Portal
  • Centralized Database
  • Feature-rich & Interactive Dashboard
  • Smart Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Smart Overhead Calculation
  • Efficient P/L Reporting
  • Inbuilt BOQ & BOM System
  • Real-time Approvals & Requests
  • Lock Budget to Actual Project Expense
  • Integrated Purchase System
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Generate Multilevel Project Reports

Advantages of Construction ERP Software

  • Instant Requests & Approvals
  • Intelligent Document Library
  • Consistent ROI Returns
  • Business Forecasts & Insights
  • Eliminate Risk & Contract Complexities
  • Remote Access
  • User Access Restrictions
  • Live Project Operation
  • Supplier & Vendor Administration
  • Smart Tabulation & Comparison Sheets
  • Efficient Cost Handling Mechanisms
  • Work with Subcontractors & Customers Proactively
  • Multilevel Cost Centers
  • Manage Job Scope Changes
  • Track and Monitor Asset Utilization Costs
  • Effortlessly deal with Retention & Recoupment
  • Handle Multiple Site & Contract Projects At a Time
  • Simplified Project Execution
  • Approve Overtime & Labor Allocation Instantly

Our Construction management software UAE has several integrated tools and technologies to deliver a seamless and friendly user experience. The engineer can customize the interactive dashboard and home screen controls based on his roles and responsibilities. One can also generate various statements instantly for review. Such reports include budget against actual, actual against the variance, P/L, labor cost, progressive costs, retention details, invoicing details, materials costs, transportation costs, purchase costs, etc.

Construction ERP is a prodigious tool for companies that are into contracting. Our ERP is a dynamic contracting ERP software solution for companies that offers ample support and functionalities to take care of their projects efficiently. Moreover, the RealSoft Construction Software Dubai team provides enhanced training and world-class back-end support to companies. Construction Software Dubai Companies must-have ERP software Dubai for an innovative contracting experience.

Construction estimating software Dubai acts as a centralized repository to manage all the projects of a company and helps the user to manage required documentation and permits, keep separate cost centers for each part of the project, and generate intelligent reports for better analysis and study.

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